Current Issues

  • Catching up. We've been active!
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    Here is an overdue update to this issues column, covering our many actions over the interim to defend Southeast's environment. The work has left us no time for documentation, until now. Here is a report you can download, describing our extensive acco…
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  • GSACC sues to stop Big Thorne logging
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    Last week GSACC sued the Forest Service over its Big Thorne logging project, on Prince of Wales Island. We are joined by four other organizati…
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  • Big Thorne is on hold: How an endemic species can halt a timber sale
    by GSACC board member Natalie Dawson “When you spend much time on islands with naturalists you will tend to hear two words in particular an awful lot: ‘endemic’ and ‘exotic’. Three if you count ‘disaster’. An ‘endemic’ species o…
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  • GSACC appeals the Big Thorne decision
    On August 16, GSACC and four other organizations filed an administrative appeal of the Tongass Forest Supervisor's decision to proceed with the Big Thorne timber project.  The appeal went to to the next highest level in the agency, …
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Our Mission

GSACC’s mission is:  “To defend and promote the biological integrity of Southeast Alaska’s terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems for the benefit of current and future generations.”

Our approach to accomplishing this mission is explained in our Founding Principles, which you may read here

Featured Videos

What’s the issue with logging, wolves and deer?  This video presentation explains it brilliantly. Called Wolves in Southeast Alaska, it was delivered by former Alaska Department of Fish & Game wolf & deer researcher Dr. David Person, at the Alaska Board of Game’s November 2010 meeting in Ketchikan.  It is even more poignant now than it was then. GSACC  and Greenpeace have recreated the presentation by combining the official audio recording of the presentation with the original PowerPoint.  ( 34 minutes, plus 18 minutes of Q-&-A from the Board of Game. )

Ocean Acidification and Southeast Alaska’s Fisheries:  A video essay by GSACC board member David Beebe.

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